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About Me

Hey all 👋 , 

I’m Colombe! You can find out a bit more about me here ⤵️

My passion lies in mobilizing people across the world, to solve existential issues together and I am currently working on two main projects trying to do just that!

I- Atlas

Today’s pressing issues cross borders – from climate to the erosion of democracy – but we don’t have ways to solve them because of how our societies work. I quickly realized that there is huge untapped power in uniting forces, and mobilizing people worldwide (check out my TED talk on this here).

As such, I co-founded Atlas with Andrea Venzon. Atlas is the global movement uniting people to create an equitist world. 

We push for global change through social campaigns, electoral activities, and direct actions. The movement is fuelled by the passion of people and communities uniting all over the world to fight common global challenges. We are present in over 134 countries with a membership of more than 22,000 people

As a bit of background, Atlas is the result of the merge of the NOW! movement and Forward campaign. Since 2020, we already had a few successes (more here).


II- Amiko

I moved to London during the pandemic and found it super hard to meet people. Then, things started to happen again, but expanding my social group has been hard… Andrea Venzon and I spoke about it with friends & family who thought the same. 

And we aren’t alone: 61% of young adults feel lonely, and this is expected to keep increasing with big mental health consequences. And even if you are an outgoing person, it’s very hard to find new friends outside of school or university. The new trend of remote working just exacerbated this problem, as workplaces don’t offer these dynamics anymore.

So we decided to do something about it. We are building Amiko: the platform to meet & keep new friends, through really cool social-first events! We are right now testing our beta version in London, and you can join the waitlist!

Prior to global grassroots mobilizing, I co-founded with Andrea Venzon & Damian Boeselager the first pan-European political party Volt Europa, that mobilized 60,000 young people across Europe and elected representatives at the 2019 European Elections and local elections on a vision of a more united and progressive EU. At Volt, I acted as the Policy Lead. In that capacity, I oversaw the full policy stack of the movement, as well as the first pan-European electoral programme. I was also the lead candidate to the European Elections for Volt Europa in France. However, we couldn’t present ourselves to the electorate because of barriers to entry (details here)

I am constantly looking for ways to make the world more equal, fair, and progressive with communities on all continents. I expect to keep on launching new projects to create more unity in a fragmented world while learning a lot along the way! If you have crazy ideas you’d like to discuss, don’t hesitate to contact me.