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Hey all, 

I’m Colombe! You can find out a bit more about me here.

I have been trying to find ways to solve world problems for a long time: most pressing issues are global– from climate to the erosion of democracy – but we don’t have ways to solve them because of how our societies work. I quickly realized that there is huge untapped power in global grassroots mobilization.

As such, I am currently co-leading  NOW!, the global movement pushing humanity to work as One, which I co-founded with Andrea Venzon in 2020. The movement is fuelled by the passion of people and communities uniting all over the world to fight common global challenges. A year in, we are present in over 120 countries with a membership of more than 10,000 people. We have launched 5 global campaigns to promote democracy worldwide, propose drastic actions to curb the climate crisis, advocate for a higher representation of women in political power, and push for a fairer distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, among other topics! 

Members from all continents hit the streets to raise awareness, organize protests and stunt actions or collect signatures. Together, we created a global community that achieved early successes: from forming coalitions of politician pushing for parity and others helping us create a League of Democracies, to securing the support of the Director-General of the WHO to ensure that health workers across the world would get priority access to COVID-19 vaccines, or organizing protests to support democracy struggles in more than 40 cities on the ground and reaching 4 million people digitally. You can read more about this here

Outside of NOW!, I am also working on a new initiative with Andrea: Forward. It's a global political project working to elect a people-backed progressive candidate as the next leader of the United Nations!

I previously co-founded with Andrea Venzon & Damian Boeselager the first pan-European political party Volt Europa, that mobilized 60,000 young people across Europe and elected representatives at the 2019 European Elections and local elections on a vision of a more united and progressive EU. At Volt, I acted as the Policy Lead. In that capacity, I oversaw the full policy stack of the movement, as well as the first pan-European electoral programme. I was also the lead candidate to the European Elections for Volt Europa in France. However, we couldn’t present ourselves to the electorate because of barriers to entry (details here)

I am constantly looking for ways to make the world more equal, fair, and progressive with communities on all continents. I expect to keep on launching new projects to create more unity in a fragmented world while learning a lot along the way! If you have crazy ideas you’d like to discuss, don’t hesitate to contact me.