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How to Build a Country

If you have followed our work at Atlas in the last few years, you might as well know that we tend to take on big challenges. We campaigned against climate change, vaccine apartheid, authoritarians, and beyond, and one thing we understood is that all these issues have something in common: only together can humankind prevail.

This is why we are now working to ⚒️ build a global democratic governance. Basically, a global country. Insane? Potentially! Needed? Definitely! 

To make this possible, to share the dream with more people, and to build a community around this, we are now hosting a weekly show on Youtube: "How to Build a Country." Each week, we will cover a topic that is relevant to the work we are doing, from why countries were created, to why we struggle for freedom and how currencies have come about. 

We are sending you this email as we just published the show's first episode. "A Global Country, Why?" explains that - from climate change, nuclear threats, global inequalities, rights affected across the planet, space exploration, new tech, etc. - we need unity to thrive! Global challenges are not dealt with, and opportunities go untackled.

Tune in 🎙️ and let's speak about the need to unite and take coordinated actions! We'll also mention that … we have a plan - or better, we know who we should hear from 💥:

  • Starting in 2023️⃣, we will conduct global consultations where YOU and all citizens across the planet will share their views on how a global country should be shaped.
  • In 2024️⃣, we will start campaigning for it in front of the United Nations, and
  • In 2025️⃣ we will launch it!

… and there is much more to discover ;) 


If you want to help us out, here is what you can do:

  1. Be a real supporter by subscribing/following/linking our channels and content on the following platforms:
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  2. Become a Builder by joining our team of volunteers working on this project at this link
  3. Donate to fuel this project, as we truly need any $$$ to make this vision a reality!

Onwards 🚀

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