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About Me

Hi everyone,

I’m Colombe Cahen-Salvador, a political activist working to unite people for humanity’s survival.

And there’s a twist: I’m running to become United Nations Secretary-General for climate change, artificial intelligence, wars, dictatorships, pandemics, and poverty to finally be tackled.

No one is dealing with these threats. National leaders are more preoccupied with staying in power and prioritising their interests. No global institution is stepping up to the task, as the United Nations lacks the competencies, legitimacy, and leadership to do so. And to be honest, that scares me deeply. But more than this, it angers the hell out of me. We deserve better than planetary collapse. We also owe it to ourselves and future generations to fight with everything we have for a better world.

Endorse Our Campaign

I won’t lie or sugarcoat it: we don’t have the luxury of time or blind hope anymore.  We cannot wait for another World War for political leaders and institutions to finally overcome their differences for the common good. We must act fast, decisively, radically.

That’s why I decided to head Atlas’ campaign to challenge the selection process of the United Nations Secretary-General. I have, of course, a long road ahead of me. The makeup of this organisation means that at the end of the day, five countries (the US, the UK, France, China & Russia) make key decisions and have a veto right. That alone means that someone pushing for radical change, not the status quo, is unlikely to please them. But that’s exactly the point. 

Together, by uniting in our millions, we can choose the next UN leader and change the system itself, leaving it no choice but to be reformed.

Together, we can tackle the very threats that risk our survival. Our political programme can become a reality by building a mass movement behind it worldwide.

Together, we can start a political revolution. This isn’t about me. It’s really not. I’m just the tip of this movement for survival that will make waves by gaining power in cities, countries, and regions worldwide. 

Some will say I’m too young, inexperienced and radical to make a sound or credible Secretary General. Yes. I’m 30. I’m proudly radical. While I do have experience in politics and campaigning in front of the United Nations and other supranational organisations, I am not from the establishment. This is exactly why I am the right person for this campaign: at this stage in history, our best hope is for the young and radicals, those ready to take on the broken system and chart a new way out of today's crises and into a prosperous future. We need a major shake-up in the current global order to stand a chance at survival.

In times of crisis, the world needs political leadership, radical action, and a clear moral compass. The world needs to put the people’s and planet’s interests first. Not countries’. And I will do my utmost best to ensure I deliver on this. I’m not saying it will be easy. It won’t. However, I hope and believe that this can shake up the UN enough for us to take a better course because, together united, we cannot be defeated. 

If you are worried about our survival and believe it’s high time we change the system, endorse my campaign. We will need every heart, brain, and ounce of energy to prevail.



My team asked me to add more details about myself, so here’s a bit more blah blah. Don’t feel like you must read: 

Besides running for the most unusual job on earth, along with Andrea Venzon, I co-founded Atlas, the global political movement uniting people for survival. Since 2020, Atlas has campaigned and organised protests and lobbying efforts to fight against authoritarianism, climate change, and inequities. 

For example, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we campaigned for health workers to have priority access to vaccines when they would have become available, regardless of their nationality. History taught us that in pandemic times, some countries hoard vaccines to the detriment of others, and companies put profit first, refusing to share tech know-how and intellectual property with those who need it most during a crisis. And history too often repeats itself. Despite the World Health Assembly welcoming our campaign to ensure the bare minimum level of equity for health workers, we saw vaccine apartheid take over the world. 

Throughout the last few years, we have been creating coalitions of leaders to counter dictatorships, lobbying for boycotts, protested. We, for example, organised a boycott of Russia’s presidency of the United Nations Security Council amidst its invasion and war on Ukraine. It is fundamentally wild, abhorrent and sickening that Putin’s regime can head the UN’s most powerful body whilst invading another and committing war crimes. Four countries joined in. 

We sought to use the flaws of the United Nations system to give it a shock by, for example, organising stunt primary elections for the role of Secretary General in 2021. Through it, we wanted to understand if we could mobilise people around the topic of UN leadership (spoiler alert, yes!), and disturb the status quo (yes as well!). 

And much more. We tested, analysed, learnt. And it wasn’t enough. This is why we are now preparing to run for office worldwide at Atlas, starting with my campaign. With over 25,000 supporters in more than 134 countries, we refuse to continue to ask global institutions to take action to ensure our survival. We will do it ourselves! 

After years of working on the ground, learning from activists and politicians and exploring best-practices, I also wrote The Philosophy of Unity with Andrea. It is a political manifesto calling for humanity to unite beyond differences and work towards a fairer, freer, and better future. To do so, we must end power and wealth monopolies, ensure equity across the planet, and create a system to administer our world.

On the side, I’m lucky to be working with a few organisations advancing similar goals and learning from them. I’m also a board member of the Democracy and Culture Foundation, supporting their work in improving and innovating democracy. Finally, I’m a Guest Lecturer at Northeastern University for the Socioloy & International Relations Department, where I focus on survival threats and power dynamics.  

Before that, I co-founded the first pan-European political party, Volt Europa, which elected representatives at the 2019 European Elections and local elections on a vision of a more united and progressive EU. I was also a trustee of the United Nations Association - UK, and worked to support them in improving knowledge of transnational organisations and reform.

I could tell you some (genuine) romantic story about always dreaming of working for institutions like the United Nations when I was a kid, my passion for human rights and the ideals that led me here, but that’s not the point. This campaign isn’t about me. It’s about our future. So take action!

Stay up to date on social media: Substack,Facebook,X,LinkedIn, InstagramTikTok, and Threads. Don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected]