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About Me

I'm on a mission, the one of uniting the world!

Because of artificial divisions within and between nations, we are unable to deal with today’s monumental challenges & opportunities. We need Unity across borders and communities to solve these issues. There is no way out.

That's why I co-founded Atlas with Andrea Venzon. Atlas is the global political party in the making uniting people worldwide to create a freer, better and more equitable planet. Here's a quick video with the latest update about our work at Atlas ⤵️:

Join us!


Throughout my work in the last few years, I have been lucky to exchange with countless leaders, volunteers, and everyday citizens on what our biggest issues are, what solutions exist and which type of planet we want to live in. Over the last few months, Andrea and I have been putting pen to paper and detailing what we believe is needed to create a freer, better and more equitable planet. What came out is our political vision, the Philosophy of Unity.

Read the Philosophy of Unity

Let me say that it’s in the making, as we will keep on updating it, expanding it, and much more is to come! 

With Atlas, we will run for elections from India to Kenya, Italy to Costa Rica, and even challenge undemocratic processes at the UN. Accessing parliaments and governments will allow us to advance our political vision - the Philosophy of Unity - and bring about change worldwide!


Prior to global grassroots mobilizing, I co-founded with Andrea Venzon & Damian Boeselager the first pan-European political party Volt Europa, that mobilized 60,000 young people across Europe and elected representatives at the 2019 European Elections and local elections on a vision of a more united and progressive EU. At Volt, I acted as the Policy Lead. In that capacity, I oversaw the full policy stack of the movement, as well as the first pan-European electoral programme. I was also the lead candidate to the European Elections for Volt Europa in France. However, we couldn’t present ourselves to the electorate because of barriers to entry (details here)

I am constantly looking for ways to make the world more better, freer & more equitable with communities on all continents. I expect to keep on launching new projects to create more unity in a fragmented world while learning a lot along the way! If you have crazy ideas you’d like to discuss, don’t hesitate to contact me.