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alliance of democracies

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Alliance of Democracies' event "Building an Alliance of Democracies".

You can rewatch the pannel here.

Through this event, I presented NOW!'s vision of a League of Democracies, capable of protecting, promoting and innovating democracy: 
“Let’s create a League of Democracies that people and countries don’t join out of fear of China or Russia, but hope for a better and more inclusive world. Our from the ground up vision is one where we better governance, where we use new technologies to enable citizens to have a meaningful and greater say, and where we come as a result to a fairer world where not just 10 countries are included, but all democracies and people are.”
About the event:
"President Biden’s election has given the free world hope of renewed unity. The Biden administration has promised a Summit of Democracy which could galvanise the Free World.
The United Kingdom as President of the Group of Seven (G7) intends to expand its meeting this summer to include Australia, South Korea and India, strengthening cooperation among the world’s major democracies.
The Alliance of Democracies Foundation was founded for this purpose: to unite the world’s democratic forces to counter rising authoritarianism. China is picking off democratic states with strategic investments and trying to mould the rules-based order in its image of state subsidies and authoritarian tech. Russia is sparking disorder around the free world with disinformation campaigns, election meddling and corrupt money flows. If the free world does not show unity, we will continue to dissemble and multilateralism will fail.
  • Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Chairman, Alliance of Democracies Foundation and former NATO Secretary General and Prime Minister of Denmark
  • Lord Mark Sedwill, G7 Envoy for Economic Resilience and former Cabinet Secretary and National Security Advisor to Boris Johnson
  • Michael Carpenter, Managing Director, Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy & Global Engagement
  • Colombe Cahen-Salvador, Co-founder of NOW!, A grassroot movement campaigning for a league of democracies and for #FridaysforFreedom
  • Moderation: Vivian Salama, National Security Correspondent, CNN"


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