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Episode 1 | Is it time for a new utopia?

Welcome to episode 1 of The Equitist: the podcast that will try to understand with you what a more equitable world can look like, one that is based on freedom and on fairness. We'll also seek to understand how we can potentially and possibly create it.






What can you expect from this podcast:

  • A collection of renowned voices from all over the world, providing insights in the way different cultures, age groups, and backgrounds see the future of this planet. Blending in the voices of everyday citizens together with established thinkers and influencers, the podcast will demonstrate how any of us have a role to play in influencing the direction of our society.
  • A clear idea of where our politics and society should go. In today’s world, traditional recipes are failing to deliver results: inequalities are widening, structural issues like climate change are not being addressed, and no one seems to have a clue on how to move forward. This podcast is aimed at defining one, by launching the idea of a new, global way to imagine our societies: Equitism.
  • Finally, a guide to take action: by outlining the history of the authors and how they manage to mobilize people without prior experience, big capitals, or famous influencers, this podcast shows how each and any one of us has the power to drive change and push forward their beliefs.

Key topics:

The state of the world [0.43] 

What’s equitism? [4.22] 

Who are we? [7.28]

What can you expect? [17.33]


Take action:

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