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My TED talk is out!

In January 2020, I was asked to give a talk at the 2020 TED conference in Vancouver, about the work that Andrea Venzon and I have been doing in the last few years in pushing people to work together across borders to solve the biggest challenges of our times.

This was obviously a huge opportunity, especially since we just launched our latest project, the global movement NOW!. As most endeavours in 2020, TED conferences didn’t go as planned: the conference was delayed multiple times and it was finally decided that all talks would be published online for everyone’s safety. As such, I spent the last couple of months working and rewriting this talk with Andrea and with the help of the TED team to explain why I fundamentally believe that we need to think globally, unite across borders, and leap forward to make the world work as one! And how I am trying to do just this. 

The talk just came out, and I’m both happy and extremely nervous to share it, but here it is!

Watch my TED talk here 

When I was first approached in January 2020, there was no pandemic in sight (publically at least). Eight months later, the world we live in has drastically changed. And one thing became clearer than ever to me: in the modern world, no wall or border will protect us from crises. We need to change the way we see the world, and the way it works, and we need to do it fast. Transnationalism must be the way forward. I hope that I’ll convince you of it!

Thanks a lot for reading me, and hopefully listening as well! If you like the talk, don’t hesitate to endorse it on the website, and share it.

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