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Force of Nature 🎙 I Will politics save the world, or destroy it? We need to talk about eco-anxiety

This podcast was originally published on Force of Nature. Throughout this podcast, I spoke with Clover Hogan from Force of Nature about the role of politics in solving the climate crisis, and how it's consistently failing us. You can listen to it here.

S2, E10: Will politics save the world, or destroy it? We need to talk about eco-anxiety

In this episode, We Need to Talk about Eco-Anxiety, Clover investigates how modern politics have generated the climate crisis and heightened global eco-anxiety; and what we must do to find a unifying vision for the future.

First up, Clover meets Colombe Cahen-Salvador, co-founder of ATLAS, to learn more about how politicians have escalated the climate crisis and whether they actually want us to politically disengage. We then hear from young people around the world on how they think politicians have shaped the climate conversation and Clover sits down with Jeremy Oppenheim, the founder of SYSTEMIQ, to learn why it's so hard to find political consensus on tackling the crisis and whether there’s opportunity in our ‘climate odyssey’

Listen to it here

Three things we talked about in the episode:

  • Why Brexit was my catalyst for diving into politics

  • How there are vested interests to keep young people out of the decisions affecting our future

  • What we can learn from historic grassroots movements, and how change always looks impossible until it is done.

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