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The TalkTank - Colombe Cahen-Salvador on uniting beyond borders

This podcast was originally published on the TalkTank. Throughout the podcast, I spoke with Julian about the need to unite beyond borders to solve the biggest issues of our time, and how to do so. You can listen to it here.

The Beyond Profit Series -Colombe Cahen-Salvador Hosted by Julian Kirschner This week we talk to the incredible woman who founded a political party and launched a disruptive global movement. 🦸 🌍

Are you ready to take on the biggest challenges of our time? At the age of 22, Colombe Cahen-Salvador co-founded Volt, the first pan-European political party that managed to mobilize 250,000 voters in Germany, and even more worldwide. In the beginning of last year, Colombe launched NOW!, the disruptive global movement pushing for humanity to work as one.

Colombe was featured in several documentaries, including in "The Future of Europe" by Deutsche Welle and in ARTE's documentary "Volt, the first pan-European party". In 2020, she present a TED Talk on thinking differently to solve global problems.


💥 Special thanks to Konrad Dabrowski for editing this episode and to Rho Mezon for sharing his music “In the Mist”.

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